By using antimicrobial surface protection, you can keep your surfaces clean and free of germs. Treating them with antimicrobial surface protection uses chemicals and enzymes to kill 99.9% of germs on contact. Here are 3 benefits of antimicrobial surface protection.

1. Aggressively coats and adheres to surfaces

Your disinfectant needs to adhere to surfaces to get rid of infectious germs. For best results, use a product that aggressively coats and adheres to surfaces to control dangerous microorganisms and prevent them from spreading in your workplace. Since proper surface protection is crucial for staying safe from harmful pathogens at work, pay attention to these three key benefits.

3 Benefits of Antimicrobial Surface Protection

2. Prevents the growth of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi

Antimicrobial protection can reduce cross-contamination and stop germs from spreading by simply being in contact with a surface. In a busy hospital or medical office setting, patients can spread disease to other patients if surfaces aren’t sanitized regularly. Products with antimicrobial protection have been shown to inhibit the growth of over 100 types of microorganisms that can contaminate surfaces in healthcare facilities.

3. Long-term surface protection

Antimicrobial surface protection helps avoid further contamination. An antimicrobial surface will help stop the spread of pathogens that cause disease for 90 days, helping to keep you and others healthy.

Micro-X1 provides environmentally-friendly, proven solutions for a clean, healthy, odor-free environment. Our products are registered with the EPA and eradicate 99.99% of germs and other microorganisms from any surface and in the air.

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