Mold spores pose a health hazard. They produce allergy that causes flu-like symptoms. They are a bigger challenge to people with asthma and sensitive respiratory challenges.
The fungi cause biodegrading of surfaces it comes into contact with. This leads to spoilage and damage to property.
Mold thrives in moist and humid places. Resultantly, a thorough cleaning and removal procedure is vital. A do-it-yourself approach is not practical. You require the right equipment and EPA-registered products.

Cleaning Mold on surfaces

Signs of mold attack

The primary sign of mold infestation is a musty smell. Other signs include:
•    Paint blisters
•    Warping walls
•    Plaster crumbles
•    Cracking of tiles
•    Grouts develop gaps

When to invite a cleaning service company

Since you can’t see the fungi spores with bare eyes, they spread quickly and fast. Unfortunately, they grow in areas you can’t see and remove immediately, thus preventing damage. Invite a mold removal company when:
You realize the area attacked is large
You have little information on how to fight Mold, or you lack the proper tools
When your HVAC system is affected. Also, when the affected surfaces are challenging to repair
You’re suffering from mold-related health challenges

Why a DIY procedure is inefficient

You can try to remove the menace using a DIY procedure. However, it’s likely to be inefficient. The primary reason why personal efforts are inadequate is because of mold dormancy.
To remove molds, you establish the cause of the moisture and treat it. If the surface dries completely, the Mold disappears. But when the spores are not dried completely, they become dormant and rekindled again when the enabling conditions resurface.
Since the molds spread quickly and easily, they may persist despite your eradicating efforts. For thorough drying, invite a cleaning company to offer interior surface cleaning.

Wrapping up- Micro bath Exterior and Interior Surface Cleaning

Using household bleach is not enough. Your house cleaners work by hiding the underlying challenge as they aren’t strong enough. 
At Micro-X1, we will use EPA-registered cleaners. Besides, the products are safe for the environment but strong in microorganisms. Contact us and get a quote.

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