Friendswood Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Looking for a Commercial Pressure Washing service in Friendswood? Micro-X1 provides surface cleaning, long-term disinfection, and infection prevention treatments for clean, healthy, odor-free environments.

Commercial Pressure Washing For Health, Not Just Appearance

At Micro-X1, our goal is to help homes and businesses in Friendswood, TX to clean, sanitize and restore their environment from the harmful effects of dangerous microbes. Our powerful cleaning and disinfection solutions utilize a unique method of efficacy, which reduces a microbe’s ability to colonize and reproduce on a surface. With proper use, it can prevent outbreaks before they happen. Contact us today to learn more about our Friendswood commercial pressure washing and cleaning solutions.

Micro-X1 can provide one service or a complete program for any facility or residence in Friendswood. Our clients range from restaurants to daycares, from industrial facilities to medical practices for both people and pets. Any location with high customer or employee volume or that serves a vulnerable population can benefit from our Friendswood pressure washing & cleaning solutions.

Friendswood Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Solutions in Friendswood

Cleaned – SanitizedTested.

Using antimicrobials and non-toxic disinfectants, All Friendswood Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning services provide these benefits:

  • Non-Toxic – Safe / Green Solutions
  • Long Term Effective (Health and/or Clean)
  • Disinfects Surfaces
  • Increases Useable Life of the Asset (being cleaned)
  • Increases Safety
  • Increases Cleaning Efficiency
  • Increases Operational Efficiency
  • Lowers Operational Cost
  • Quality Workmanship

Sanitizing & Disinfection Services in Friendswood, Texas

Sanitizing & Disinfection Services in Friendswood, Texas

Micro-X1 offers a range of surface cleaning and disinfection solutions for our Friendswood Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning clients. Choose just one or build a comprehensive suite of protection by combining services or selecting a service plan. These services are available for both your home and your business in Friendswood.

MicroProtex Disinfection

MicroProtex Disinfection is the core of Micro-X1. This proprietary process provides 90 days of protection on any interior surface against even the most dangerous superbugs. Our EPA-registered program of solutions can help mitigate illness outbreak or odor by killing and further preventing regrowth of 99.99% of harmful viruses, mold, mildew on virtually any surface and in the air.

MicroClean Steam Cleaning

MicroClean Steam Cleaning is deep cleaning on steroids; primarily used for restaurants and other food service areas but available on any surface where steam cleaning is applicable like carpets, seat cushions and difficult items like delivery bags. Our proprietary MicroClean involves steam cleaning all surfaces then applying our MicroProtex program to eliminate recurring growth of mold, mildew, food borne pathogens and the things that feed off of them.

MicroBath Surface Cleaning

MicroBath Exterior & Interior Surface Cleaning is our proprietary process for deep cleaning interior surfaces and exterior surfaces. From a dirty driveway to stucco covered in environmental pollutants or from a traditional aggregate roof darkened and diminished by the elements to Spanish tile blackened by mold and mildew, our MicroBath pressure washing can restore your surface to its best condition.

Friendswood Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning
Friendswood Commercial Disinfection & cleaning services

Clean. Sanitize. Restore.

Our goal is to help Friendswood homes and businesses clean, sanitize and restore their environments. We offer commercial disinfection, infection prevention and deep cleaning services as well as commercial pressure washing. You want your business to BE clean and LOOK clean.

COVID Disinfection Services in Friendswood, TX

Protecting your employees, family and clients from the usual surface-born pathogens – the flu, cold viruses, staph – just makes financial sense. Fewer illnesses means fewer lost work days, increased safety, and a healthier workforce. The same is true for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and its variants among your team. Our disinfection and cleaning products have been shown to be effective at killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus and, unlike traditional disinfectants, they continue to work on surfaces for up to 7 days. This can significantly reduce the spread of the virus and keep you, your customers and your employees protected.

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