job order contracting

Micro X-1’s Job Order Contracting service enables you to complete maintenance, repair, renovation and construction projects through one competitively awarded contract. This proven process accelerates project delivery and budgets.

Job Order Contracting is perfect for the procurement of small to mid-sized maintenance, repair, renovation and construction projects. Micro-X1 customers find it especially useful for projects that need to be addressed quickly as it eliminates multiple bids. This single-solution process enables us to start faster and creates partnerships between project owners and the contractor, resulting in higher work quality. 

  • Empowers you to purchase services efficiently
  • Enables faster project starts and completion
  • Ensures you get the best value for your money
  • Delivers satisfactory results
  • TIPS Coop Contract Holder – 22010702 Trades, Labor & Materials (JOC)
  • TIPS Coop Contract Holder – 22010701 Trades, Labor & Materials (NON-JOC)