The roof is undeniably the essential part of your residence as it protects the interior of your home from weather elements. Most people believe that natural rainfall is enough to clean your roof from the visible dirt.

MicroBath Residential Roof Cleaning Services

 However, dirt and debris cause the appearance of stains and the growth of mosses making the roof look dingy. This affects the curb appeal and damages your roof at last.

MicroBath residential cleaning services will help you clean your roof through professional cleaning techniques, and as a homeowner, doing roof cleaning is essential and has some benefits.

Increase the lifespan of your roof

Removing the damaging algae, moss, soot, and grit, will help preserve the roof tiles and shingles from detaching themselves. It will prevent costs that arise from damaged roofs like water leaks that are costly to repair and sometimes lead to replacing your entire roof. This will protect your investment and increase its value and its lifespan.

Protection from pests 

The debris and dirt that piles due in neglected roofs always invite pests and other bugs. The pest may start to nest and may start to infest your property, causing severe damage to your roof. Our services involve cleaning your roof and application of environmentally friendly pest prevention methods.

Save on utility costs.

A poorly maintained roof has poor reflective properties due to the growth of algae, dirt, or molds. The roof may start to absorb more heat, causing you to spend more money on air conditioning. Regular cleaning of roofs will save you the money spent on utility bills.

Improve your home’s aesthetics

Doing regular maintenance will ensure the roof preserves its beauty and aesthetics. This will not only improve your home’s curb appeal but also attract buyers in the event you want to sell your property.

Micro-X1 is here to clean and beautify your residential area with our low-pressure cleaning techniques to achieve maximum cleaning services. Contact us today to learn more about our Micro bath cleaning services and get a quote from us.

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