Home Soft Washing & Exterior Cleaning

If you’re a homeowner, keeping a clean environment is essential to healthy living. But your bi-annual deep clean isn’t enough to sanitize everything accumulating through daily life. Most standard cleaning chemicals and protocols are often ineffective, lasting only minutes to a few hours max.

Micro-X1’s experts can tailor a solution that fits your interior and exterior cleaning needs. The World Health Organization tested and approved our patented EPA-registered products. They eliminate 99.999% of recurring odors and the spread of illnesses for up to 90 days with a single application.

Residential Pressure Washing

But superior products only go so far, as proper application is key to their effectiveness. When you choose Micro-X1, certified technicians apply our products using safe and effective practices. Using our MicroBath or MicroProtex programs, we disinfect and protect virtually all surfaces as well as fabrics and the surrounding air. And we can clean your home’s exterior, roof, driveway, pool decking and much more.

We do all this and more without using harmful chemicals, heavy metals or poisons. Your home will have a clean appearance and sanitation that lasts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been living in your residence for decades, looking to sell, or somewhere in between. Regular cleaning services increase property value and save money over time.

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Safeguard your family and prevent value depreciation today. A quarterly service plan ensures protection for your family at the microbial level.