Micro-X1’s Air Filters are cutting-edge synthetic media capturing submicron particles to 0.1 microns – the size of known viruses, including Influenza A, H1N1, bacteria, mold and fungi. For the first time, a filter allows for HEPA filtration on all size HVAC systems with little or no retrofit. Our filters produce very low-static pressure, unlike rigid micro-fine glass HEPA filters. When used in combination with our Surface Protectant on HVAC coils, you get up to 15% energy savings.

Air Particle Chart

Relative Particle Size in Microns

  • Grey Line at .3 is where HEPA filtration is measured
  • Blue Line at .1 is where Micro-X1 filtration is measured
  • Settling particles are 1 to 100 microns in size
  • Permanently suspended particles are submicron .001 to 3 Microns

Models of Filters with Ratings

Series 100 Residential, light 90% filtration is .1 Micron and up
Series 200 Light commercial 93% filtration is .1 Micron and up
Series 300 Near HEPA Grade 95% filtration is .1 Micron and up
Series 375/400 Full HEPA Grade 99% filtration is .1 Micron and up