vent hood cleaning

Micro-X1 has been cleaning kitchen vent hoods since our inception. We make certain that your entire kitchen exhaust system is properly cleaned, outside and inside. Unlike other providers, our expert technician cleans the entire system with every service. We take extra steps, including cleaning all accessible ductwork and the fan unit, to make sure your exhaust system is spotless and safe to use. 

Based on the condition of your vent hood system and the level of flammable residue inside, we will let you know when your next cleaning should be scheduled. If there are any conditions that might compromise the safe operation of your kitchen exhaust system, we’ll be sure to let you know that, too.

And, like all our services, any work we perform is guaranteed.

  • Ensures compliance with local laws and safety standards
  • Process employs safe, EPA-approved green solutions
  • Cleaning can be combined with other services or standalone
  • Additional services include sanitizing and long-term surface protection, kitchen maintenance and repairs