warehouse disinfection and cleaning

The Client: Grupo Bimbo Bakery, Texas

Founded in 1943 in Mexico City, Bimbo began as a local bakery producing three varieties of bread. Expanding its reach and product line over the years, Grupo Bimbo arrived in the US in the 2000s and is now the world’s largest baked goods company, committed to clean energy and ethical business practices.

The Issue: Proactive Prevention

Recent years have seen multiple food manufacturers encounter public health issues linked to biological pathogens. In 2015, for example, Texas ice cream maker Blue Bell Creameries was forced to recall all of its products due to an outbreak of Listeria. Such public safety issues increase a company’s liability and lead to loss of revenue. Concerned about possible susceptibility to public health issues in their Regional Sales Depot Warehouses, Grupo Bimbo proactively contracted with Micro-X1 to clean and disinfect its entire facility.

The Solution: Warehouse Disinfection and Cleaning

Micro-X1’s MicroBath provided a thorough deep cleaning to remove contaminants and dirt in high traffic areas, with particular focus on loading docks, product stacks, roller tracking and conveyors. This deep clean was followed by our MicroProtex Disinfection Treatment of the entire facility to prevent food-borne illness that could potentially impact customer health. The result is a clean environment that better protects customers and reduces the company’s exposure to liability, product recalls, work stoppages and revenue loss.

About Micro-X1

Micro-X1 is an environmentally focused service company that provides proven solutions for clean, healthy, odor-free environments. Our EPA-registered products eradicate 99.99% of harmful viruses, mold, mildew and other micro-organisms on virtually any surface and in the air. We establish a long-term barrier that even Super Bugs cannot penetrate. We do all this and more without harmful chemicals or poisons. Micro-X1 is a TIPS awarded vendor.

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