About Micro-X1

Micro-X1 was founded in 2014 to deliver safe, long-term solutions for the elimination and prevention of mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens across a complete range of industries. Our EPA-registered products and proprietary application processes quickly established us as a leader in providing healthy, odor-free environments while extending the life of facility assets.

Today, Micro-X1 offers complete cleaning and janitorial services, preventive maintenance, operational services and repairs, office buildouts and more with just one phone call. The result: From initial communications and setting of expectations to the smallest details, you get the services you want on time and on budget.
No one wants 10 different contracts for a single job order. Why should your facilities services be any different? Micro-X1: ONE SOLUTION for all your facility services.


Cleaning for Healthier, Odor-Free Environments

Why Micro-X1

  • Patented, EPA-registered technology
  • Non-toxic, water-based formulas
  • Bonds to virtually all surfaces, including fabrics
  • Kills micro-organisms mechanically, not chemically
  • Prevents return of microbes for up to 90 days on most surfaces
  • Perfect for common areas with high traffic
  • Tested and proven by both World Health Organization and independent labs

Our Values

Our Values

Micro-X1 Benefits

  • Makes ALL surfaces easier to clean, significantly reducing labor and supply costs
  • Improves indoor air quality, surface cleanliness and hand-hygiene without harmful chemicals
  • Produces HEPA-quality air with simple, proven filters
  • Long-lasting protection against viruses and other harmful micro-organisms on touch points, where 80 percent of all cross-contaminations occurs
  • Reduces operational costs due to absenteeism from work place sickness
  • Protects clothing and fabrics from stains and excessive wear; independently tested for 100 standard washes
  • Stops Superbugs by killing micro-organisms mechanically, not with harmful chemicals
  • Delivers HVAC energy savings up to 15%


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Micro-X1 has been in business since 2014.

There is no job too small or large for Micro-X1! We are excited to accommodate any client and any job.

Yes! We are fully insured and bonded. Please email info@microx1.com for any additional questions regarding insurance

Yes! Micro-X1 currently services multiple Independent School Districts and would be happy to service your local School District. Find us on
www.tips-usa.com. Please contact info@microx1.com.

Yes! Micro-X1 is on https://www.thebluebook.com. Micro-X1 is a proud member of The Blue Book Network powered by the Dodge Construction Network.

Yes! Micro-X1 uses RSMeans data to provide accurate estimates on the appropriate jobs. We are ready to meet all of your construction needs.

Yes! Micro-X1 has extensive experience with Job Order Contracting.

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