Feedback Questionnaire Responses

Prompt and courteous, very friendly, job well done. Excellent service, and I believe in the product. Great customer service. Showed up early. Completed their task quickly. Very informative and answered every question I had. They did an outstanding job. I wash my husband’s plumbing towels with this stuff. I love it! Professional, on time, great…

Brett Davis – Residential Customer

They have very good customer service and reasonable pricing knowing that they eliminate germs and help the spread of germs especially in the flu season.

John E. Nolan – Certified Optician, NASA Vision Center

MicroX1 is just as important as oxygen. I use it in my office and we love having the added extra protection of an invisible force field protecting us and our patients!

Brian, Niki, Grayce and Abigail McCollough – Cancer Patient & Family

Words can’t even begin to show my families appreciation for what Rodney and his team, at Micro-X1, did for us.  Last summer had been a very difficult time for my family and myself. I had just been diagnosed with lung cancer and was told I needed to have major surgery to remove one of the…

Joana & James Roush, whose son has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Our 9yr old was diagnosed with Ph+ leukemia end of July. I was told about Micro-X1 from another mama who’s son had Cancer. I scheduled a full cleaning prior to discharge along with filters and I am very impressed with the service, owners, and products. Puts me more at ease after long admissions with our…

Kristen Saenz – Mother of Jayce, who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Jayce has stayed incredibly healthy over the past 6 months even with other siblings that went to school with sick kids and parents that work with the public. A huge part of why he’s stayed so healthy is attributed to Micro- X1s treatment in our home. Thank you, Micro-X1 Inc., for helping keep my babies…

Dale Grassmann – Director of Facilities, St. Agnes Academy

Just a short note as we come up on five years using your service. A big shout out to you and Micro-X1 for a very successful five years. Prior to using your service, the school was having three to five reports of Staph Infection per year. In the five years of using Micro-X1 the number…

Anne Emery – McLaughlin/Emery Primrose Schools

Micro-X1 made such a difference at Westchase District that I expanded to all 8 locations – no longer do we have major outbreaks, no trace of odor even in my large facility, and we just drastically reduced cleaning costs. Even though we don’t go with the full program, monthly testing lets me know our air…

Friendswood Children’s House Customer Comment on Social Media

I was happy to see Friendswood Children’s House had this done recently and would be happy to help with cost for my incoming Kindergartner to Cline next year.

Heather Garza, Residential Client

Due to having 5 (kids) when once comes home with an illness, it’s like invasion of the body snatchers. After Micro-X1 began to treat my home 2 years ago, it’s WAY less scary! I am not saying kids won’t get sick from school, but it does not linger in our house for 2 months.

Brandi Muse, Primrose Schools

We are very pleased with the service from Micro-X1. The product is top-notch, cost-effective and has reduced major illness outbreaks within our facility. We love the monthly tests that prove on-the-spot that the product is working. Staff is very professional and customer service is great.

Kristin Kaspar – Owner, Children’s House Day School (Friendswood)

Very professional, informative and listens well to concerns and problems the business is experiencing pertaining to overall cleanliness.

William Rearick – Residential Customer

We had Micro-X1 out to service our home and shortly afterward, our son got the flu. It lasted for almost a week, and it was a bad case, but amazingly it did not spread to anyone else in the family. You can’t stop what your kids bring in to the house, but you can stop…

Drew Ellis – Chick-fil-A Operator

Micro-X1 results are impressive. It’s non-toxic, applied less frequently than my previous Enviro-Master’s anti-microbial service. I have reduced my contract cleaning from every 9 days to just every 90 days with much more effective results, proven by Micro-X1 test results. Lower cost, less frequent applications and long-term sanitation is a win-win.

– Michele Burke – Owner of Kandiland Day School (Friendswood)

We do it at Kandiland and have seen great results with it!! Highly recommend!!

Chris Valdez, Athletic Trainer – St. Thomas High School (Houston)

We haven’t had any issues with infections. NOT ONE! Even with the heat and humidity lasting until last week, nothing. It has been money well spent.