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No one wants 10 different contracts for a single job order. Why should facilities services be any different? Micro-X1 delivers complete cleaning and janitorial services, preventive maintenance, operational services and repairs, and more with just one phone call. The result: You get the services you want, when and where you need them…on time and on budget.

Micro-X1 is a Houston area leader in critical services for your facility. Industries of all types need efficient operational controls and regulatory compliance for their warehouses and business facilities. 

Our teams use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure the varied industries we serve are safe and continuously compliant. We offer technologically advanced services in three critical areas. 

Warehouse Disinfection and Cleaning

Keep your operation running efficiently by staying sanitized with our cleaning and disinfection services. Our professionally trained technicians target the challenging areas of your facility to remove contaminants and dirt buildup on high traffic surfaces. We focus on loading docks, conveyors, and product stacks with our deep-clean Micro-Protex Disinfection Treatment

Our technicians can diagnose and eliminate outbreaks of listeria, MRSA, or any other bacterial, fungi, or parasitic infestation. Our company has developed processes to deal with these outbreaks and prevent their return.

  • Clean and disinfect high traffic surfaces
  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing
  • Recurring treatment plans

Industries We Serve

  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • Long-term care and more

Micro-X1 is an environmentally focused, GSA Certified organization providing healthy, odor-free environments to business facilities in the Houston area.

Infection and Odor Control

No other issue affects more people than persistent odor and the constant threat of infections. Odors and infections throughout a business ecosystem cause stress and reduce the quality of life for employees and clients, customers or patients. Without proper control systems, odors and infections can drift into surrounding areas.

We use our proprietary MicroProtex disinfection system for our sports facilities, applied to various surfaces, including locker room benches, training tables, and all workout equipment. Similar disinfection is used for daycares and schools, as well as medical buildings and long term care facilities.

Our technicians then apply a surface protectant to eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew. Once the protectant has been applied, a barrier is created which inhibits regrowth.

Most infections and odors are persistent problems, however, and are rarely eliminated forever with a single treatment. We have developed a 90-day systematic treatment plan based on the latest data available. We send a team to your location on a pre-defined treatment schedule to complement the original application.

We take the following steps to eliminate odors and infections:

  • Facility Cleaning | Every surface in the facility is cleaned using detergents and appropriate industrial cleaners.
  • Facility Disinfecting | Our process includes several steps, sanitizing and spot cleaning, and hygiene and inspection.
  • Scheduled Treatments | We are pleased to offer scheduled maintenance to all of our customers. We use several maintenance strategies appropriate for your facility. 

Certified Long Term Cleaning Solutions

Cleaned – SanitizedTested.

The heart and soul of Micro-X1 is our Certified, Long-Term Guarantee, which far surpasses traditional cleaning and sanitizing claims. Using EPA-registered antimicrobials and non-toxic disinfectants in combination with our proprietary electrostatic application methods and 3M testing program, we guarantee up to 90 days continuous antimicrobial protection of virtually all surfaces in a single application.

Micro-X1 CERTIFED benefits:

  • Safe, Green Solutions
  • Clean, Odor-Free Environments
  • Long-Term Effectiveness
  • Guaranteed Disinfection of All Surfaces
  • Increased Asset Life
  • Increased Health and Safety
  • Increases Cleaning Efficiency
  • Increases Operational Efficiency
  • Lowers Operational Cost

Power Washing and Disinfection

The importance of outside disinfection and cleaning cannot be understated. The telling statistic: 64% of all customers will never enter an establishment with foul odors or signs of cleanliness issues. Expert technicians can tailor a solution that will clean and sanitize all interior and exterior surfaces on a pre-determined schedule. 

We use the most advanced EPA-registered products and systems to eliminate mold, mildew, and other contaminants. 

We offer a super cleaning technique for our food service industry customers that safely eliminates every organic contamination. Micro-X1 then uses our MicroProtex system to eliminate mold and mildew growth. 

Steps and chemicals used in our commercial cleaning processes:

  • We use specific proprietary chemicals for rust removal, concrete stain removal, and exterior cleaning.
  • Our power washing steps include protecting all doors and windows, degreasing exterior surfaces, and using a commercial spray detergent to clean the exterior. 

Protect and Disinfect with Micro-X1

We are an environmentally-focused company that seeks to offer long-term cleaning solutions to every customer we serve. Our quality workmanship provides an increased life of assets, increases operational efficiency, and offers a safe working environment for each employee in the company. 

Micro-X1 is proud of our solutions to the vital industries we serve.

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