Professional Steam Cleaning Solutions

MicroClean Steam Cleaning

Our proprietary MicroClean Steam Cleaning process combines deep cleaning of all surfaces and the application of our EPA-registered MicroProtex surface protectant to eliminate recurring growth of mold, mildew, food borne pathogens. Our proven green solutions and proprietary application process are non-toxic, safe and effective for not only reducing pathogens but also reducing the need for further chemicals to clean. 

With the addition of a scheduled service contract, our clients receive regular testing of their facilities to ensure that the Micro-X1 standard of cleanliness is being maintained and that all biofilm and pathogens are nearly untraceable. This contract keeps our clients, their staff and employees operating in a clean and odor free environment for 90 days at a timeā€¦guaranteed.

Restaurants, food preparation and food storage business clients have found that after treatment fruit flies are effectively eliminated from the treated area. These pests are not only an annoyance to guests and staff but also make an otherwise clean area appear dirty. 

  • Includes steam cleaning and applying MicroProtex surface protectant
  • Eliminates recurring growth of mold, mildew, food borne pathogens
  • Kills offensive odors 
  • Eliminates fruit flies and gnats
  • Results in cleaner overall environment