Taking care of your home or commercial building is vital. Cleaning its exteriors and interiors is an excellent way to maintain a healthy environment. A daily cleaning routine keeps your place sparkly, but at some point, you must power clean to remove extreme filth and contaminants. Power washing combines heated and pressurized water with detergents to thoroughly clean the surface. We have discussed 4 benefits of power washing your home or commercial building. Read on!

Learn 4 Benefits of Power Washing Your Building's Exterior

Benefits of Power Washing

1.     Maintains your property’s value

Accumulation of filth damages your property, decreasing its value. Power washing your building removes dirt and prevents permanent stains. This way, your property appreciates over time.

2.     Saves your money

Harmful contaminants damage your building if left unattended. It is costly to replace the surfaces, sidings, and shingles due to negligence. Power washing reduces such risks and saves you money.

3.     Increases your property’s curb appeal and provides a healthy environment

Power washing maintains a healthy environment and the pristine appearance of your building. The process eliminates extreme dirt and germs from the exteriors of the building, the driveway, and the fences.

The chemicals used are effective and environmentally friendly. They are harmless to humans, animals, and surrounding plants.

4.     Primes your building surfaces for other projects

Repainting or refinishing your building’s exterior requires a clean surface. You must rid the surface of grime and dirt for the paint to adhere and last long without cracking or chipping.

Power washing your driveway before filling the cracks makes it effective. Also, clean your decks before applying stains.

Power washing can be risky and damaging if poorly handled. It is wise to have professionals do the cleaning for you to avoid the risks. These dangers may include;

  • Window screens shredding
  • Algae and mold growth beneath the siding if you leave excess water for long
  • Paint stripping
  • You may dent and loosen vinyl siding
  • Damaging window seals
  • Wood cracking or splinting

Final Thoughts

Do not underrate the importance of disinfecting and cleaning the exterior of your building. At Micro-X1, we use advanced EPA-registered products and systems to eliminate mildew, mold, and other contaminants.

Would you love to learn more about our proven solutions for a clean, healthy, and odor-free environment? Contact us today and we’ll fill you in. Better yet, Visit our website for further information.  

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