In the food service industry, sanitation and cleanliness are very important. Proper disinfection procedures not only keep customers coming back but also ensures the safety of your staff and employees by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to humans. Suppose you’re in charge of a restaurant or any other place that provides food and drink services, you know all too well the importance of proper sanitation and disinfection, as well as keeping surfaces free from harmful substances like mold, mildew, and grime, which could end up being served to customers. Here are some of the benefits of power washing and disinfecting regularly.

The Importance Disinfection in the Food Service Industry

Keep and Attract Customers

It may be a small price to pay to ensure a healthy, clean workplace, but customers will notice when you don’t keep up with power washing. According to our research, 64% of all customers will never enter an establishment with foul odors or signs of cleanliness. Why take that chance? Hire a professional to make sure your restaurant is kept in top shape.

Maintain a healthy environment

Maintaining a clean environment is crucial in the food service industry. Using EPA-registered products like the MicroProtex system, we can eliminate mold, mildew, and other contaminants on surfaces. Professional power washing and disinfection services can be your solution to keeping a clean kitchen and dining area.

At Micro-X1: We are the best.

Micro-X1 is proud to offer a super cleaning technique for food service industry customers that safely eliminates every organic contamination. Our team utilizes specially developed chemicals for rust removal, concrete stain removal, and outdoor cleansing. Not only does this help keep your restaurant clean, but it also helps maintain a healthy environment for you and your guests.

We can use power washing techniques to remove tough stains on exterior surfaces like wood decks or pavement driveways and eliminate algae or moss from shaded areas.

Micro-X1 technicians will thoroughly degrease exterior surfaces with industrial detergents that are safe for humans and pets before finally sanitizing the surface with commercial spray detergent.

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