School locker room odor can be pretty strong especially during the school year. Think about it: they’re used to store sweaty clothes and gym equipment, plus they’re packed with people who have been working out. Add in a few months of summer vacation, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for stinky locker rooms. Fortunately, there are ways you can control odors in your school’s locker room and get rid of the strong smells.

School Locker Room Odor Control

The most common causes of locker room odors are sweat and other organic material. Sweat can linger on towels, clothes, shoes, and other items that people bring into the locker room. The second most common source of odor is mold or mildew in the facility itself. Mold grows when the air is warm and damp (such as near showers) or when there’s standing water in an area where humidity is high. In either case, spores will grow on surfaces where they’re sheltered from direct sunlight and where moisture can gather for long periods of time.

Locker room odor control can be challenging because there are so many different types of odors that can come from school locker rooms. Teachers and students need to have access to facilities that are clean and without any unwanted smells. Contact us today to learn more about Micro-X1’s long term odor control services.

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