The Client: Primrose Schools & Kandiland Day Schools, Houston, TX

Primrose Schools are accredited early childhood education centers, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Kandiland Day Schools are a small chain of preschool and childcare centers serving the communities southeast of Houston, TX.

The Issue: Stop the Spread of Infections

Preschools and daycares are often the frontlines of infection spread, but they can also be the frontlines of prevention. Primrose and Kandiland could not determine how Norovirus and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease were spreading so quickly in their facilities, despite separating infected children and following their standard protocols for washing linens and soiled articles.

Testing revealed that cot covers and carpets where children gathered for story times and games were ground zero for the spread of infection. Germs and fecal matter (from hand contact) were transmitted from one child to the next via contact with the carpets. Additionally, staff were washing all linens together, including those from classes experiencing outbreaks, creating the perfect environment to contaminate all textiles.

The Solution: Disinfection of Laundry & Reading Carpets

Reading carpets were deep cleaned using our MicroClean Steam Cleaning procedure. MicroProtex Long Term Disinfection Treatment was implemented on all high touch items such as tables, chairs, toys, door handles and play mats to mitigate further spread of infection in high traffic areas. A laundry protection product additive was provided for all facility washing machines to protect textile surfaces and prevent further spread of hand, foot and mouth disease. To evaluate the level of biological contamination on surfaces after treatment, Micro-X1 completed Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing, verifying the cleanliness of disinfected surfaces.

All outbreaks were eliminated and prevented from spreading further. Deep cleaning and disinfection had the added benefit of removing odors. ATP test verification allowed staff to reassure parents and potential clients with regard to the reduced potential for future outbreaks.

About Micro-X1

Micro-X1 is an environmentally focused service company that provides proven solutions for clean, healthy, odor-free environments. Our EPA-registered products eradicate 99.99% of harmful viruses, mold, mildew and other micro-organisms on virtually any surface and in the air. We establish a long-term barrier that even Super Bugs cannot penetrate. We do all this and more without harmful chemicals or poisons. Micro-X1 is a TIPS awarded vendor.

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